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Finding Nemo…in a Burger…

Some people see Jesus in their food. Others see the Virgin Mary in their toast. Me…I think I found Nemo. When I stopped for a burger somewhere in the wilds of Pennsylvania on the way home from Philadelphia recently, I was served a burger that looked a little too much like Nemo from Disney/Pixar’s Finding Nemo.

What? You don’t see him? Look harder. Its not just his shape, it even has his stripes and broken fin! Look again, I’m sure you’ll see him.

You see what I mean? What about you? Did you ever see any weird faces staring back you from a burger patty?

Tonight’s Burger is The Heritage Grill’s “SO-CAL” Burger

At the Heritage Grill in Denville, I gave this burger a try. It was a good patty of flame-broiled beef topped with avocado and cheese. I’m gonna have to give them another trip before they get a full review.

Hillsboro Diner Review on Jersey Bites

Today, I take on a burger from The Hillsboro Star Diner.I love finding good diners. Not diners that just have great breakfast. Not diners that just have cool burgers. But diners that focus on upping the quality of every meal. The phrase ‘restaurant quality’ was created for places like the Hillsboro Diner. “Today, I take on a burger from The Hillsboro Star Diner.I love finding good diners. Not diners that just have great breakfast. Not diners that just have cool burgers. But diners that focus on upping the quality of every meal. The phrase ‘restaurant quality’ was created for places like the Hillsboro Diner.” Read the Rest on Jersey Bites…

Alexis Diner in Denville to Donate Thanksgiving Day Profits

Check this out: Alexis Diner in Denville is going to be donating the entirety of its Thanksgiving Day proceeds to St. Peter’s Orphanage. That’s really generous way to give back to their local community. Its a much better and more direct way to give to a charitable cause then dropping a quarter in a bucket at the mall, right?

Alexis Diner is one of the best diners in Morris County. Even though I haven’t reviewed them just yet, I’ve been there a ton of times. If you’ve never been, this would be a great time to give them a shot. Especially if you’re skipping the turkey this holiday.

Read the Rest at’s First Anniversary

On November 7th last year, I posted my first review. I’m pretty proud of my first year, since I met some of my small goals (like getting at least one free meal), and, even though it wasn’t a realistic goal of mine, I did get on TV at least once.

Being part of the Kitchen Nightmares taping was by far the coolest thing I got to do yet, but I wouldn’t have been able to do that had I not been invited to join Jersey Bites by the editor and founder, Deborah Smith, and I have to thank her and all of my fellow writers at Jersey Bites for that. I also have to thank Allie from All I Eat Food for helping support me and for having her own great site. I feel like I learn from her photo-taking skills every time I see new pics up on the site. Plus, I really have to thank John and Lisa from Eating in South Jersey, who helped me out a lot in the beginning. They practically mentored me through getting my own site and were very patient at answering all the emails I sent to them that were full of questions.

Finally, I have to thank everyone who cared enough to help make this site a success. My friends and family who actually read the reviews and spread the word, all of the people on Twitter and Facebook who follow me (for some reason), and even the people who just popped in to read a review here and there. Its very cool of you all.

So while I travel the state eating as many burgers as I can, I promise to write better reviews than that first one of the Jefferson Diner. I REALLY love that place and think that it might be the best diner in all of New Jersey. I will have to go again because they deserve better! Go back and see how bad it was! Little fuzzy pictures and a stilted and unnatural voice of the author? Yeah, I actually posted that.

So thanks, everyone, and Rock On.

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