UPDATE:Orange Smoke Burgers has closed. You should have gone when you had the chance!

Attention Middlesex County: One of the best burgers in your area has arrived. At Orange Smoke Burgers, they say that ‘It’s All About the Burger’. Lets go see what they do to make their’s special.

The Place -is fast casual burger restaurant. Its got a nice modern design that makes it feel more like a sitdown restaurant rather than a burger joint. As you can see in the picture, its very, very orange inside.

The Fries – Orange Smoke Burgers gives you the choice between regular or garlic herb fries. The garlic herb is subtley seasoned, so its not overpowering. It is a tasty choice.

The Burgers- There are so many choices. You get to choose size of the burger, from the 5.28oz XL Burger to the Heavy Weight one pound patty. Don’t worry, if gorging yourself isn’t appetizing, there is the smaller lightweight burger. I’d also be remiss if I didn’t mention the ridiculous Super Heavyweight Burger which includes two burger patties with a piece of fried chicken slapped between them. Crazy. As you may have surmised from the name of the place, all of the burgers are wood smoked, flame-broiled Angus beef.

In addition to choosing your Orange Smoke Burger’s patty size, you also can choose the cheese from American, Cheddar, Bleu, Pepperjack or Swiss. There’s a bunch of fixin’s like onions, jalepenos, lettuce, tomatoes, relish, or sweet relish as well as sauces like steak sauce, bbq sauce, honey mustard, hot sauce, and their special OSB sauce (I’ll get to that in a second).

LOOK at these burgers. Even my quickly snapped photos look awesome! I’m getting hungry just looking at them. Look at how the patty is so huge it hardly fits on the roll. That reminds me: the Roll is delicious and sweet, too.

The OSB Sauce: Alright, I couldn’t figure out the ingredients. Its a little onion-ey, a little horseradish-ey, and maybe a little mayo-ey. Even though these ingredients may individually be overpowering, the combination doesn’t overpower the great beef. The sauce is not greasy or drippy, either. Its a wholly original concoction that I recommend. In fact, get one burger with it and one without so you can pick your favorite, too.

The Milkshakes – are extremely thick. I was perplexed by the cookie dough flavored one I ordered, though. As I was eating it, I thought it was just cookies and creme or something, but found all of the cookie dough at the bottom. That was a wonderful, chewy and sweet surprise.

Orange Smoke Burgers deserves to succeed, but without your help, it won’t be easy for them. Within a few miles of Orange Smoke Burgers, there’s a Longhorn, a Red Robin, a Friendly’s, a Pizza Hut, a McDonald’s, A Friday’s, an Applebee’s and an Olive Garden. But you been to these places before. Orange Smoke Burgers is in a tough spot to grow, just like any small business in New Jersey, and they need people to go and taste these burgers. So don’t go and have the same old processed slab of meat that came off a conveyor belt in a factory. Go to Orange Smoke and support your local businesses. You need to go, because its delicious.