UPDATE:This Fatburger location has closed. You should have gone when you had the chance!

I was driving out of the Rockaway Mall earlier this week, and I thought that my beloved Fatburger had been closed.

For the uninitiated, Fatburger is a fast food chain that bills itself ‘The Last Great Hamburger Stand’. Most of the stores are franchises that are locally owned and they are known for having awesome meaty burgers. I haven’t done a review for them yet, but they totally deserve one. (My backlog is huge right now, so its going to be a while until I get to them.) Also, in New Jersey, we’ve only got two of them. One’s at the Rockaway Mall in Morris County, and the other one is part of the Borgata in Atlantic City.

Anyway, I didn’t see the Fatburger sign as we drove by, but I did see a sign for Bob’s Burgers. At first, I figured that maybe the franchisee (who I assumed was named ‘Bob’) had gone power mad and thought he could make it without the Fatburger Logo and…well…Fatburgers. I knew that no one was that crazy, so I had to Google it to see why someone would do this.

I found out that Fatburger was changing four of its stores across the country to ‘Bob’s Burger’ locations for the months of January and February to promote a new cartoon on Fox of the same name. Free burgers were given out on January 6th, which I totally missed out on, but you can still get a coupon for one if you go to Fatburger and sign in with the Loopt app on an iPhone or Droid and show it to the cashier.

The stores that got the changeover were Las Vegas, Chicago, Hollywood and our humble state’s northernmost location. I do remember reading an article a couple of years ago about how our Fatburger is one of the most active in the nation. This is obviously because we’re so inundated with Mcdonald’s and Burger Kings that when people find a good alternative around here, they go nuts for it.

So what did they change around? First off, DON’T PANIC: the Fatburgers have not been changed or altered in anyway as part of the promotion. There’s just a bunch of Bob’s Burger’s logos and cardboard cut outs promoting the show all over the place. They’re also offering the special “Thanks a Brunch Burger”, which is a Fatburger with Eggs and Bacon on it. Should you have forgotten breakfast that morning, you’re in for a treat.

The tv show itself doesn’t seem that interesting. Its animated, but don’t assume its made by Seth Mcfarland and co., who created Family Guy and American Dad. Its from the creators of King of the Hill and the old Adult Swim cartoon Home Movies. While I used to enjoy Home Movies, neither of those shows is particularly remarkable, so I can’t imagine their offspring show being all that great. The promos for it don’t seem very promising, so far.

I’m just happy that our state’s local Fatburger got recognized in this promotion. I’m also happy that they didn’t close, and that the Fatburgers are still Awesome. So, if you want to go see something special, go to Bob’s Burger before they change back on Feb 28. Or, if you want, go after Feb 28, and you’ll still be able to get awesome Fatburgers.