Tonight’s Burger is The Heritage Grill’s “SO-CAL” Burger

At the Heritage Grill in Denville, I gave this burger a try. It was a good patty of flame-broiled beef topped with avocado and cheese. I’m gonna have to give them another trip before they get a full review.

Tonight’s Burger is the Andover Diner’s Cheeseburger

I asked for a Cajun Burger, but ended up with a Cheeseburger. I didn’t complain, because I like those, too. This one was from the Andover Diner in Andover, NJ.

Tonight’s Burger is Five Guys

While all of America is celebrating Labor with burgers, I’m celebrating by laboring.  Literally.  At least I got Five Guys for lunch at work today.  Everybody I know who’s been to Five Guys loves it there.  The Burgers and Fries are awesome.  New locations keep opening all over the state.  I think it might be [...]

Tonight’s Burger is Adam’s Bagels and Grille!

Stopped by Adam’s Bagels and Grille in Mt Olive tonight.  They had a couple of burger choices on the menu, but I played it safe and went with the Bacon Cheeseburger.  Anybody else ever give them a try?

Tonight’s Burger is The Townsquare Diner’s

A good old fashioned diner cheeseburger at the Townsquare Diner in Rockaway, NJ.  Nothing wrong with that.

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