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Jimmy Buff’s Italian Dogs and Burgers on Jersey Bites

Its National Burger Month, and we’re celebrating at Jersey Bites by picking out some of our favorite burgers. I may have gone to a place famous for its Italian-style hot dogs, but I found one giant burger! Read the Rest on Jersey Bites…

Burgers Down! Recent Closures…

I’ve gotten some reports from New Jersey Burger fans that a few of the places I’ve reviewed have gone out of business. Its too bad, because these were two great burger joints.

First off, I’ve heard that Orange Smoke Burgers closed its only location in Piscataway. I’ve called their number listed online and gotten no answer, and according to the posts from fans on their Facebook page the building is empty. Its a shame that the secret to the OSB sauce will be lost forever. Feel free to reminisce about their burgers in my review here.

Perhaps even more surprising was the closure of the Fatburger in Rockaway. They are part of a nationwide chain, so you’d figure that they would fare better in this tough economy compared to the one-off restaurants, but they bit the bullet, too. Apparently, the company has been struggling nationwide, as they’re not the only fast casual burger place around anymore. A quick Google search lists a bunch of the different franchise locations across the country that are closing. Even the Chicago-based location owned by Kanye West had to close its doors, and Lord knows he had the money to keep it open if it was financially viable.

I’m really gonna miss Fatburger because it was one of the tastier better burgers I’ve had. At least the Fatburger located at the Borgata Casino in Atlantic City is still open. Next gambling trip, I promise to give them a full review! I did stop at the Rockaway location once during their cross promotion of the Bob’s Burgers TV show on Fox.

The lesson learned here is simple: If we don’t support our local businesses, they’re going to go away. You’ll never see a Mcdonald’s close, trust me. They don’t need your help. Locally owned merchants depend on us, so try and eat locally at a New Jersey owned restaurant if you can.

Thanks to the readers who sent me in the news about the closings. If you see that any place I’ve reviewed has gone out of business, drop me a line a

Don’s Burgers, Fries, and Fountain Review on Jersey Bites

While Don’s Burgers, Fries and Fountain is a new eatery in Morristown, the restaurant claims its legacy can be traced to the now beloved Don’s Drive-in formerly of Livingston. Don’s was a part of Livingston for 40 years, and closed in the mid-90′s as its business was lost to encroaching fast food chains. Now, its been revived as a part of the modern ‘better burger’ trend that has given rise to quality burger chains across the state. The new owners claim on their website that they seek to serve the spirit of Don’s Drive-in by serving good food with quality and respect for their customers.Read the Rest on Jersey Bites…

Tony Jr’s Review

Believe it or not, states other than New Jersey have burger joints. I know its hard to imagine them being able to compete with our incredible diners, but some of them are pretty good. Besides I’ve got a lot of burger fans who follow me on Twitter and Facebook from Philadelphia and the surrounding area, and I wanted to throw them a bone at least once. So get ready, Philly, here’s your big debut on my site with a review of Tony Jr’s. Read the rest…

The Homestead Rest Review on Jersey Bites

Everybody has probably seen the infamous map of New Jersey that made its way around the internet last month. Whether or not the map is accurate, the divisions in our Garden State are undeniably fascinating. We have our coastal shore towns, full metros like Newark and Atlantic City, farmland to the west, the Historic sites of Princeton and Morristown, and then there’s Sussex County. I think that map does not characterize our northernmost county accurately. With its open fields, horse shows, and hunting enthusiasts, its become apparent to me that Sussex is the land of the North Jersey Cowboy. Sussex County is our Texas. Read the Rest on Jersey Bites…

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